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To be or not to be

Well I don’t know what title will suit best.  This time rather it’s quite difficult to even think of a topic.  I don’t know how relevant this topic is, but somehow I was thinking about it today. Is it really good “being human“? 

This question has arised in my mind a million times, the feeling of being the only fool in this world or being the only logical person around. I guess everybody feels this sometime or the other. So what is the conclusion of all this thought process? Is it of any consequence? There are no answers to these questions. 

Alternatively, I came up with a theory, there is no reason to be human. Humans are weak, feeble and fickle people. The rules set by them are actually formulated so that their weakness can be concealed, or they can console themselves. Their atrocities can be justified and they can oppress others. I am not amplifying these characteristics nor pointing out any particular one, just so, it can be generalised. 

To rise above all this, I have to stop being human. Just to save myself from this ordeal I came up with a thought of being a beast, not literally but in spirit, to live without rules. This will keep things simple. These rules which act like shackles n build frustration. When all these are not there, then there’s no need to be miserable, maybe self-righteous, but contented. 

So what should the choice be? To have rules n be a terrible human or not to have rules n be a better beast? Just something to think about.