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Artificial intelligence – Natural dumbness

It has been quite sometime when the first microprocessor was invented which could be programmed. It’s successors were all advancements to the original muP with superior functionalities and smaller size. But now we have gone a step further where the algorithm is linked and looped in such a way that the processor can think. In layman terms the processor can program itself. Isn’t that amazing? But that’s not the question, the question is whether my processor will out smart me?

I may be discussing a topic which has been discussed on many forums and platforms by people who are far more qualified to talk on the issue. I am not saying anything new, rather I’m trying to say it differently.

Since the advent of smart phones, I’ve come across very few people who use it smartly. Majority of them either use it for utter waste of time or keep cursing that time is wasted. So finally who is smarter? Some may say that man created the computer and not the other way around, but you aren’t that man. Food for thought.

Let’s make things bizarre, if God created man, he also created other creatures who are hardwired with their program. The programming may be comprehensive but it’s limited. On the other hand, man is also programmed but he has the ability to think, can exercise free will or has intelligence. Huge parts of code which either loops or is open ended to be altered with situation. And with this ability we are doing an amazing job in creating chaos. Perhaps some of us are trying to organize though.

Now imagine a processor starts behaving in such a manner, it’s getting all sci-fi, creates and procreates, upgrades and adapts to it’s needs which are the worst possibilities. But my concern is a little different, this artificial intelligence will further degrade the natural ability of common man to think. Just like we don’t remember any phone numbers now, we may not take the trouble to think. Rather we may be puppets to the instructions of these machines. We may end up being so dependent that the ability of decision making will be lost. There might be a time when there is direct proportionality to the dumbness of common man with the intelligence of machines.

We may end up in a world where artificial is intelligent and natural is dumb…


Digital Disconnect?

The advancement in the field of electronics has paved way for a better and smarter future, the world is just a touch away, everything is possible with the device in your pocket, but is there life in the world? Let’s see….

See the world beyond the 5 inch screen, there is a lot to it.

Our generation has seen the change the world has gone through. The transformation from analog to digital and we were greatly affected by the change, mostly in a good way. The transition from landline to cordless to Mobile to coloured phones to smart phones, and yes it is a fabulous change. Things have been easier than ever. I can sit at my home and book flights, buy stuff and what not. As far as utility is concerned, we’ve done a marvelous job. In return we tend to interact less with people, no negotations, just promo codes and cash backs. What about interpersonal relationships?

When it comes on the personal front, the advent of social media has been overwhelming. I seriously believe that it has done more harm than good. Whatever form it might be in, it has lured people like droseraceae. No doubt, it has helped with campaigns and propaganda, but what it has done eventually, is that people now post things to get acceptance. The idea has infiltrated in their minds so deep that now we’re on a social network to gain acceptance, rather than to connect. This idea has obviated the true purpose of social networking.

When it comes to the newer generation, our kids, they are most unfortunate. They will never know the happiness of rolling in mud, playing marbles, all they will know is to play on the phone, watch videos. They will use smart phones smartly, but will get dummer. There’ll be a time when they will chat with you, but they won’t have the time to talk to you.

In conclusion, digitization has made life easy, relations tough, connected the world, disconnected people. I will not blame technology for this, I blame myself, I blame myself for this unpleasant condition of the next generation. I have brought this upon them and myself.

Use technology as a tool not like a crutch, there will be life in your life.

In Love, with myself.

It is a fact that I love myself, I don’t​ mean it in a selfish sense, maybe naive, but trust me I have realized it sometime​ back. I am in a relationship with myself. Seems absurd right? Well, it is absurd, but then every other relationship is. I don’t think most will agree with this fact, so then let’s just create a perspective.

To love yourself, you should know what love is; now this is where the hard part starts. To know what love is you need to love another person, some unknown person whom you haven’t known all your life. You have to be in love, as  in truly madly deeply or some other pathetically romantic stuff. So are we in deep, true n crazy love? Very good. Now we’re ready for the ride. 

The lesson starts with a break up. I leave it to your wisdom how you do it, but you need to have a broken heart, if there is something like that. Now you spend few days in grief, you​ may feel that I’ve had enough. Curiously, this is the time people are interested in you, but you don’t give a dime. 

After a while when you gather some courage to face this love again, you’ll try your best but it may so happen that you aren’t really ready for a relationship again, probably worse if you’re crush isn’t interested. In either case you may have a second heart break. This time is pretty critical, you can either lose hope or go to the next level. Now you tend to feel desperate because it’s been a while now. This desperation turns into frustration. That’s short lived because you are about to enter a phase of self realisation. Now you might start to think that I was better off alone. And trust me you really are better off.. 

If that makes some sense then it’s easier to comprehend this perspective. It might seem all wrong, but there is so much room for yourself. You can actually introspect every move. You can never feel closer to yourself in any other way. The best part is you start talking to yourself, understand why you feel something, reason your behavior and others better. If there is something called the “inner peace” it’s very much achievable, that is a mighty good reason to love loving yourself.

Evolution, need of the hour.

I am not planning to dwell on the meaning of evolution, but it’s a change for good. I feel there is great need for us to evolve psychologically and socially. This blog is dedicated especially to the girl I don’t know, and all the others I do.

 I still don’t understand why it is the ultimate climax of most of the situations​ involving a man and a woman. At some point of time either of them feel it that way, however short the interaction is. It has become our nature to think that way and the prevailing circumstances tend us to do so. But, the question is, is that right..? 

This question lingers​ in my mind from time to time, but this time it just triggered me to think. I was alone in a share rickshaw waiting for other fellow travelers. Now there comes a good looking girl who sits beside me, she’s​ probably going home after work. Then comes a big man n he sits beside me too. It all starts now, the awkwardness sets in; It’s quite difficult to give them space you​ know.
Well the point is, the lady was feeling uncomfortable with two unknown men sitting next to her. Not that I was rejoicing her company, that thought made me uncomfortable, rather disturbed. Her body language said it all; the way she clenched the rod, her fruitless efforts to shrink n occupy lesser space, or the way she fidgitted with her cellphone​ checking it twice a minute. I developed a sudden urge to tell her​, “lady, please relax, it’s fine“, but I didn’t, I couldn’t.  The ride lasted for around 20 mins and 19 minutes I just held myself not to say anything n just sat tight. 

What troubled me was the thought of insecurity in her mind, and the lack of assurance from my side. That’s the reason, I believe we need to evolve and evolve soon. Both the genders have to think alike, respect and have trust. There has to be a sense in men so that the women around them don’t feel intimidated and women, the belief that every other guy is not planning to act funny (most of the times people do).

To sum up, I think there has to be a radical change in people, of both genders, which will let everybody live in a rational and civilised society. The next time I share a seat with a woman, I don’t want to feel the same, rather I’d like to wish her n ask how was her day, if that’s not too much. It’s not impossible, but will need contribution from every soul who shares my concern and everyone whose answer is a yes. Do you want this to be a better place..? 

Love or not? 

Someone rightly said that “there is love in friendship, but it’s not necessary that there’s friendship in love“, it’s a thought in which I truly believe. 

Most of the love stories don’t end well because one of the two is friend-zoned. This is something people don’t realize till it happens with them. Many of the crushes people have are on their friends but there isn’t the factor of love involved in it; at least not entirely. This is not the case when you are in love with your friend. I’m talking about the situation when you are in love with your friend, actually your best friend. And here the love is acknowledged but not entirely accepted. 

A situation like this can jeopardize your friendship, which is the worst fear anyone can have. You may lose both your love and friendship. Your love thinks the same and this becomes one of the reasons for her not to go further. It creates an irritating discomfort between them.

There’s another case which is the best kind of relationship I can imagine to have. You love your friend n your friend loves you back. It’s  in such a state where the fate of the relationship is uncertain. It’s actually in a limbo, in an intermediate state where you’re neither just friends nor are you a couple. There is some amount of commitment which is undecided n unbounded. So I love my friend n she loves me too. But there is no name to the relation. It may someday blossom into a full fledged relationship or just settle down to friendship. Either case she’s mine forever.

This thought gives me a chill through the spine everytime I think about her. It’s like the feeling when you are painting a masterpiece but you don’t want to finish it, like a journey that you don’t want to end. I like her very much and definitely want her in my life as my love. I sometimes think that it should always be in this state. I’m very sure that it is my TRUE true love. I don’t know what is the outcome of this. But whatever it may be, it’s just pure n beautiful. It might just be the best thing that will ever happen to me. 

To be or not to be

Well I don’t know what title will suit best.  This time rather it’s quite difficult to even think of a topic.  I don’t know how relevant this topic is, but somehow I was thinking about it today. Is it really good “being human“? 

This question has arised in my mind a million times, the feeling of being the only fool in this world or being the only logical person around. I guess everybody feels this sometime or the other. So what is the conclusion of all this thought process? Is it of any consequence? There are no answers to these questions. 

Alternatively, I came up with a theory, there is no reason to be human. Humans are weak, feeble and fickle people. The rules set by them are actually formulated so that their weakness can be concealed, or they can console themselves. Their atrocities can be justified and they can oppress others. I am not amplifying these characteristics nor pointing out any particular one, just so, it can be generalised. 

To rise above all this, I have to stop being human. Just to save myself from this ordeal I came up with a thought of being a beast, not literally but in spirit, to live without rules. This will keep things simple. These rules which act like shackles n build frustration. When all these are not there, then there’s no need to be miserable, maybe self-righteous, but contented. 

So what should the choice be? To have rules n be a terrible human or not to have rules n be a better beast? Just something to think about.