Evolution, need of the hour.

I am not planning to dwell on the meaning of evolution, but it’s a change for good. I feel there is great need for us to evolve psychologically and socially. This blog is dedicated especially to the girl I don’t know, and all the others I do.

 I still don’t understand why it is the ultimate climax of most of the situations​ involving a man and a woman. At some point of time either of them feel it that way, however short the interaction is. It has become our nature to think that way and the prevailing circumstances tend us to do so. But, the question is, is that right..? 

This question lingers​ in my mind from time to time, but this time it just triggered me to think. I was alone in a share rickshaw waiting for other fellow travelers. Now there comes a good looking girl who sits beside me, she’s​ probably going home after work. Then comes a big man n he sits beside me too. It all starts now, the awkwardness sets in; It’s quite difficult to give them space you​ know.
Well the point is, the lady was feeling uncomfortable with two unknown men sitting next to her. Not that I was rejoicing her company, that thought made me uncomfortable, rather disturbed. Her body language said it all; the way she clenched the rod, her fruitless efforts to shrink n occupy lesser space, or the way she fidgitted with her cellphone​ checking it twice a minute. I developed a sudden urge to tell her​, “lady, please relax, it’s fine“, but I didn’t, I couldn’t.  The ride lasted for around 20 mins and 19 minutes I just held myself not to say anything n just sat tight. 

What troubled me was the thought of insecurity in her mind, and the lack of assurance from my side. That’s the reason, I believe we need to evolve and evolve soon. Both the genders have to think alike, respect and have trust. There has to be a sense in men so that the women around them don’t feel intimidated and women, the belief that every other guy is not planning to act funny (most of the times people do).

To sum up, I think there has to be a radical change in people, of both genders, which will let everybody live in a rational and civilised society. The next time I share a seat with a woman, I don’t want to feel the same, rather I’d like to wish her n ask how was her day, if that’s not too much. It’s not impossible, but will need contribution from every soul who shares my concern and everyone whose answer is a yes. Do you want this to be a better place..? 


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