​The TRUE true love..

There was a time when falling in love was a long and exciting experience.  When it was that cautious and careful dialogue everytime you spoke with your beloved. How it was much difficult to confront her with the truth. And a herculean task just to tell her how you felt about her, that you wanted to share your life with her and that she now meant the world to you. 

Once you’ve spoken your heart out or nearly done that and to learn that she feels exactly the same way you do. Wow! What an amazing feeling that is. That first  unspoken dialogue between the eyes, which actually sinks down to the soul, it’s just unforgettable.

Those moments spent together, the holding of hands under the table, the bunking of lectures, all those small things just to see that cute smile n sparkling lovely eyes.  The money saved just to buy her the perfect b’day gift. Those rare occasions where you got a peck from her. Where has it all gone now? 

All I see now is a virtual world, a virtual life. There aren’t enough occasions you actually meet before you fall in love. Negligible amount of quality time spent together. No fear of losing her even before she’s yours to lose. Everything is taken for granted. The feeling of being loved is lost in time. Most of the love stories start on social media, continue and end on social media. 

The days of passing letters, writing poems, doing things which meant a great deal and the experiences of those feelings are gone. It’s the time of hook-ups, one night stands and friends with benefits. Love has been restricted to physical attraction and interaction.
I want to get that love back, that lost love which was more meaningful more of a soulful experience, maybe less adventurous, the love that defined a beautiful relationship and the people in it. Maybe I’ll have to wait for eternity to find love, but I guess it’s worth the wait.


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